ACD Student Leadership Institute (ACD-SLI)

Preamble: To consider developing ACD Student Leadership Institute (ACD-SLI) to foster leadership, multicultural citizenship embracing diversity, mutual respect, cultural exchange and cooperation among students of ACD-UN participating recognized degree granting institutions to become leaders and good citizens of Asia ensuring goodwill and understanding in the region.

This ACD-SLI is designed to provide students with a series of leadership and innovative activities and training to assist with the development of effective leadership skills and teamwork through workshops, university events and self-learning techniques. These selected students are given opportunities to meet with international organizational leaders, government officers and fellow university students from all around the globe, in a controlled professional environment. It is important to add a student presence and interest to preserve a positive outlook for the future generation of leaders. Our future relies on the way we teach our students, the experiences given to them, and the positive development of each individual character.

(1) Design the Course / Workshop / Program:

This aims to strengthen the objectives and to deepen the understanding between host

Universities and other partner Universities where participants shall share the aspects of social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues. The ACD-UNCC appoints 5-7 persons from each participating members as ACD-SLI. After the course/workshop/program is developed they need to be submitted to UNCC in order to receive the approval to execute the program. Once the approval is received, it is hoped to strengthen or enhance the level of consciousness on the importance of interrelationships globally along with to examine or analyze different points of view on diverse aspects of each countries. With the difference of backgrounds and cultures of the participants, by working together, the ability to understand and solve problems would be nurtured and enhanced.

(2) Duration of the workshop:

The duration of this workshop is from 1 to 2 weeks, where host Universities covers all the inland expenses, transportation and accommodation. Whereas, the students have to bear there international transportation expense.

(3) Outcome of this workshop:

The participating students should develop report and deliver to the members of the ACD-UN. This report should comprise of their learning objectives, conclusion driven, addressing some important issues within the ACD Framework and also what the participating students expect ACD-UN to do as the driving force to overcome the obstacles. Mainly this report describe their objectives as a tool to help in the design, description of the amount of learning achieved and academic demands of that learning and delivery of programs.

(4) Award Certificate by ACD and ACD-UN:

To facilitate Higher Education Institutions, ACD and ACD-UN member participates and is requested to grant Certificates to participants who has met the requirement set by the committee of ACD-UNCC for educational experience during workshop participated at the host institution.

(5) Developing Platform for Networking

In this digital era, these participating students can use social media such as develop Face book Page and Line Group to remain connected with each other. Students can also create their networks, strengthening their mutual understanding and future trusts through the workshop. This is done in order to exercise communication skills, to be understood in an international arena. These participating ACD Student’s Ambassadors can also represent, link and join other associations and forums. Since the ACD Student Institutes (ACD-SLI) is very important to develop and build new generation of Asian Citizen it would also be wise to link with other worldwide organizations such as United Nations (UN) Academic Impact, or Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Student’s forum.

(6) ACD Student’s Ambassador

This participating student who has met the requirement set by the committee of ACD-UNCC is eligible to be entitled as “ACD Student’s Ambassador”. The role of the ACD Student Ambassador is to promote about ACD and also to maintain or even enhance the good friendships and spirit of collaboration developed during this conference and workshop.

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